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The need to find less expensive solutions, technological progress and global consolidation have changed the face of the refractory materials industry. Through its R&D activities and long years of practical experience, Imerys Aluminates has developed a very thorough understanding of the behaviour of calcium aluminates in refractory concrete. This knowledge has played an important role in the ongoing development of the SECAR® range.


Apart from their properties of resistance to heat and thermal shock, which make them a key component in refractory applications, calcium aluminates are a crucial factor in recent developments in the refractories market:

  • The trend to replace refractory bricks with calcium aluminate-based concrete is rising.
  • Calcium aluminate-based refractory concrete provides an economical answer to demand for a product combining durability and easy placing.

These trends towards harmonisation and globalisation mean significant growth potential for calcium aluminate-based concrete.


Kerneos markets a complete range of SECAR® cements and binders which enable specialised monolithic refractory concrete manufacturers to improve the performance and reliability of their products.

The SECAR® range offers a number of fundamental properties, such as:

  • better control over properties during placing and post-application features
  • a choice of application techniques
  • excellent stability at very high temperatures (above 1,800º C)
  • achievement of high mechanical strength
  • excellent reliability linked to good resistance to mechanical wear, thermal stress and corrosion.


The SECAR® range covers all types of refractory concrete applications.

SECAR® cements and binders can be used in the formulation of all monolithic systems, from conventional to deflocculated, by employing a different combination of aggregates and additives.

SECAR® cements and binders are perfectly adapted to the design of refractory concrete, whether the method of the means of placing is traditional (pouring with vibration or dry spraying) or more innovative (self-compacting, pumping or wet spraying).

The range of possible refractory applications covers operating temperatures up to 1,800º C.

  • CIMENT FONDU® is a cement with low alumina content
  • SECAR® 51 is a cement with average alumina content
  • SECAR® 71, SECAR® 712, SECAR® 80, SECAR Plenium® are cements with high alumina content
  • CMA 72 is a new alumina-magnesia binder
  • ALAG® is an aluminous aggregate which is recommended for standard formulations intended for use at temperatures up to 1,100° C
  • PERAMIN® AL 200 and PERAMIN® AL300 are fluidifying agents for refractory concretes manufactured with aluminous cements and alumina aggregates and/or alumina spinel.