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The Kerneos factory in Dunkirk celebrates
its 40th anniversary






40 years is something to celebrate!

For the occasion the Dunkirk factory got together and decided to celebrate the anniversary during two exceptional days: Friday 25th September with its local partners and Kerneos' management and Saturday 26th September with all the employees and their families.

Many of the political authorities and local actors accepted the invitation: Ministerial Representative, Mr Henri Jean as well as the Mayor of Dunkirk, Mr Patrice Vergriete and the Deputy Mayor of Mardyck, Ms Fabienne Castel, to name just a few. Over twenty guests chose to take part in the celebration and to not only visit the factory but also get to know the Kerneos company in general as well as its know-how.


For the occasion the guests were given a complete presentation of Kerneos staged by Mr Jean-Marc Bianchi (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer), Pierre Baillagou (Industrial Manager), and Olivier Papernot (Director at the Dunkirk factory). Laurent Torres, Director of the Construction Chemistry Market, spoke about the market environment and presented the new products which are produced in the factory. Even the German sales team, led by Matthias Koecher, made the journey to share their vision of the most important market in Construction Chemistry and to talk about their strong partnership with the Dunkirk factory. 


After a factory visit presenting the main manufacturing stations and led by the site's teams, the morning ended with lunchtime cocktails to allow guests to chat in a friendly atmosphere.

The following day the sun was shining in northern France, allowing the employees and their families to celebrate the factory's 40th anniversary. A presentation of Kerneos, a recap of the factory's history and a site visit were on the programme. Activities (quizzes, workshops for the children, etc.) were organised at the heart of the factory as well as a snack in the late afternoon. An evening dinner-show was planned for the older guests to bring an end to the the wonderful weekend of celebrations.