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Kerneos is fully integrated in the scientific community, both as a player in research and as a sponsor of major international congresses.


A unique contribution to science
After a century of research and development, Kerneos offers the scientific community an unequalled fund of knowledge and experience in calcium aluminates. The company's R&D teams travel around the world to give presentations in partnership with universities and the R&D departments of its customers and suppliers.

Kerneos, a committed player in the scientific community
With vast knowledge in this unique field, Kerneos research teams have formed productive partnerships with internationally recognised universities. These projects ensure the company retains the highest level of expertise (technology of calcium aluminates their interactions with other organic and mineral materials).

Alongside the experts of industry, higher education and research, Kerneos is one of the principal sponsors of international conferences on calcium aluminate cements, the next of which is scheduled for 2014 in France, and is also a member of the eminent association, FIRE (Federation for International Refractory Research and Education).


Key ideas

Kerneos supports 18 projects * with universities and research centres worldwide:

  • 3 in the United States
  • 5 in France
  • 3 in Switzerland
  • 4 in Germany
  • 3 in China

* doctoral or post-doctoral research projects